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Jamian Manton September 5, 2013 Announcements

Good Afternoon all

Tomorrow morning we will be releasing a new version of CutOrange v0.7.x.0.

There are no bug fixes or new features, but rather we are migrating our code base from PHP to Java. Whilst this is a major change for us, this should have little impact on your use of CutOrange.

What does that mean for you?

Well you should see little difference as we have put in a lot of time to ensure this migration is seamless to you.

What do you do if you have an issue?

Please raise a ticket through the CutOrange support tool - zendesk, and we will ensure your issue is addressed.

Thank you all for your patience with the deployment of a new release, and we hope you'll continue to enjoy using CutOrange.


CutOrange Team

Jamian Manton July 10, 2013 Announcements

CutOrange release: 6.22.4

The monthly major release for CutOrange work completed in June landed on Tuesday 9 July and has a number of fixes, features and upgrades across it.

The latest upgrades to CutOrange include:

  • Sport added: Motorsport.EnduranceKarting
  • Removal of members from Organisations/Teams allows admins to give a reason
  • The sender of group event notification message is now set to official position instead of the user
  • Email notifications now indicate a team or member as the sender within the message
  • SMS message email notification button added
  • Improvement to team/organisation member list in the SMS feature
  • Permanent delete function for messages in 'Trash' folder
  • Improvement in publishing events
  • Events display enhancement
  • Improvement to 'Find Teams'

The July release coming to CutOrange - ahead of the new features set for later in 2013 - is a code migration, moving the platform to a Java framework (for the tech-interested among us).
For us end users, this new framework gives CutOrange sharper and faster performance when navigating through Organisations, Teams and when clicking across the platform.

For the development team it is a stronger framework that is easily maintained, highly scalable and makes it easier to implement and integrate new features. The change will enable us to continue to enhance the application while quickly finding and addressing any functional and performance issues. If you find these or have any questions, head across to the new CutOrange Online Support Centre at  https://cutorange.zendesk.com/home and submit a request.

New feature: Online Payments

In the coming months, we are set to release our Online Payment feature for membership and event registrations.

Local Clubs, State Associations and National Sporting Organisations have all been crying out for this feature for some time and we're now getting closer and closer to releasing it.

The team has been working tirelessly to deliver the CutOrange registrations feature, which will allow sporting organisations of any size to create their own membership and even registration forms and bring payments into the online space.

Administrators can define multiple membership categories and prices, ensuring registrations are accurately available to members.

CutOrange's registration functionality is highly-secure and monitored by us here at CutOrange. It's as simple as having members pay on CutOrange with their credit card, which will deposit a
processed payment straight into your bank account.

No papers, no hassles, just money straight in the bank!

Keep an eye out for the online payments feature coming to CutOrange in the second-half of 2013.

Jamian Manton July 8, 2013 Announcements

Hello, CutOrange Users!

This coming Tuesday, 9 July, we have a major release for work completed in the month of June and early July.

To ensure we affect the least amount of users as possible, the release time is scheduled for 5am-7am Tuesday.

During the release time, there may be some technical difficulties in CutOrange so we recommend users do not enter any new data into the platform throughout the two-hour period.

CutOrange will now have one major release per month. We will continue to notify users of this release period a few days in advance of each occasion.

If you have any questions, please contact the CutOrange Online Support Centre: https://cutorange.zendesk.com


Team CutOrange

Jamian Manton June 7, 2013 2 Announcements

The CutOrange Team would like your opinion!

The CutOrange Team has created the Feature Request Forum. This is the space where we would like you to fill with all your ideas that you think would make CutOrange better.

In addition to adding new articles to the Feature Request Forum https://cutorange.zendesk.com/forums/21709503-Feature-Requests, you can now vote on the articles that you agree would be the most useful to have included in a future release. 

So if you find that CutOrange is not providing a feature that you think would make using CutOrange better, we want to hear from you. And don't forget to vote for articles too!

CutOrange Support February 8, 2013 Announcements

CutOrange has been undergoing some major backend changes over the past few months and to aid in providing the best customer support possible we've created the CutOrange Zendesk.

This will allow us to be better able to work together and solve any questions, bugs or issues that you may find! 

You can also stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community, and share your feature suggestions with us.

Remember, you can also submit a request or send us an email at support@cutorange.zendesk.com.

We look forward to solving your issues!


Team CutOrange